Water pumps (all types)

Product information about mechanical face seals, grease, bearings and impeller


MEYLE water pumps of the latest generation are equipped with a double-row ball/roller bearing which is the most robust bearing type currently used in water pumps. Compared to conventional double-row ball bearings they provide increased load-carrying capability and consequently longer water pump life.


Impellers made from higher-grade and more robust PPS plastic material clearly outperform metallic blade wheels. If the OE water pump features a PPS impeller, so does the MEYLE water pump.

The benefits of plastic impellers are:

  • Reduced overall weight
  • Resistant to temperatures exceeding 220°C
  • Optimised blade geometries
  • Maximised volumetric flow and delivery rates

MEYLE water pumps use grease from reputable Japanese manufacturer Kyodo Yushi which is the first choice for water pumps owing to the lubricant’s outstanding product specifications:

  • Operating temperature range between -40 and 180°C
  • Noise-absorbing
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Coolant-proof

Mechanical face seal

The use of high-quality mechanical face seals is absolutely essential to avoid the number-one cause of water pump failure - leakages. For MEYLE water pumps we rely on seal assemblies featuring a variety of top-grade components:

  • Vibration-resistant fit thanks to additional bonding of the seal assembly to the pump housing
  • Springs tuned to each seal type to ensure ideal clamping force on the slide rings
  • Durable slide rings made from silicon carbide, the latest trend in mechanical face sealing. Its benefits are:

    • Improved sealing performance
    • Longer service life
    • Noise absorbing properties

  • Careful mating of materials to minimize wear and tear

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Water pumps (all types)