MEYLE-PD brake pads with new friction material mix for vans

New friction material formula specially matched to the demands of heavy-load vehicles


As of now, manufacturer MEYLE offers MEYLE PD brake pads with refined friction material mix to fit a wide range of van models, including the Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter and Ford Transit. The new MEYLE-PD brake pads for vans feature triple-layer damping shims attached to the brake pad backing using a special adhesive with advanced damping properties. These shims are designed to neutralise vibration and prevent the infamous brake squeal. To reduce the amount of noxious substances released into the environment as a result of brake pad wear, the newly formulated MEYLE-PD brake pad for vans does not employ copper or any other heavy metal additives – neither does the MEYLE-PD brake pad for passenger cars. 

MEYLE-PD brake pads with new friction material mix for vans

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