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Tested and developed in the truck: New brake pads in MEYLE-PD quality

Tested and developed in the truck: New brake pads in…

<ul> <li>MEYLE-PD brake pads according to ECE-R 90 standard for commercial vehicles</li> <li>Optimised friction material for safe and optimum braking performance</li> <li>Ready for installation: complete kit with all mounting materials</li> </ul>
Protection against bacteria and mould – new biofunctional MEYLE ORIGINAL cabin air filter for clean air in the vehicle

Protection against bacteria and mould – new…

<ul> <li>Silver-ion coating with antibacterial effect provides additional filtering of bacteria and prevents mould and fungal development</li> <li>Perfect fit for quick and easy installation</li> <li>16 new references for more than 42 million vehicles worldwide</li> </ul>
MEYLE simplifies part identification for workshops: graphic search with context-sensitive graphics

MEYLE simplifies part identification for workshops:…

<ul> <li>Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE is first aftermarket supplier to present its own context-sensitive graphics of rear-axle multi-links for selected BMW and Mercedes models&nbsp;</li> <li>Graphical search simplifies parts search and identification for workshops and wholesalers&nbsp;</li> <li>Assignment saves time, effort and minimizes the risk of incorrect orders: MEYLE graphics accurately map installation position and environment</li> </ul>
Focus on noise-reduced performance: MEYLE-PD brake pads with technically advanced friction pad compound

Focus on noise-reduced performance: MEYLE-PD brake pads…

<ul> <li><strong>New friction material minimise noise during sporty driving and ensure longer durability&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>Range of over 350 different MEYLE-PD brake pads has been technically improved</strong></li> </ul>
5 steps for a clean cooling system – MEYLE shows how it’s done!

5 steps for a clean cooling system – MEYLE shows how…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 12 December 2018: </u>Thorough and regular flushing is one of the decisive steps in the maintenance of cooling systems. Contamination, e. g. due to the incorrect use of sealing compound in the cooling system, reduces the cooling capacity in the long run and can lead to premature failure of the water pump mechanical seal. But even beyond this, proper flushing of the cooling circuit is the basis forlonger engine service life. This should take place at the latest when the water pump is replaced in order to remove particles that can be caused by corrosion or limestone. The Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE now supports workshops with a special tool. With this tool, which MEYLE offers in a joint cooperation with its partner HAZET, the cooling system can be cleaned with the aid of water and compressed air – completely without aggressive chemicals and cleaners. MEYLE shows how the engine cooling circuit can be cleaned in five simple steps.</strong></p>
Individual solution for extreme demands: MEYLE presents prototype of front axle for drift vehicles at the Essen Motor Show 2018

Individual solution for extreme demands: MEYLE presents…

<ul> <li>Axle geometry specifically designed for individual drift vehicles, consisting of the body of the Mercedes Benz C-Class W204 and the powertrain of the Mercedes Benz E 55 AMG&nbsp;</li> <li>The control arms, tie rods, steering gear position and connections to the wheel carrier have been technically adapted to the specifications and heavy-duty use in drift sports</li> </ul>
New MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit simplifies daily workshop operations

New MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit simplifies…

<ul> <li>Pre-assembled MEYLE-ORIGINAL repair kit comprising pre-pressed wheel bearing and wheel hub</li> <li>Ready-to-install repair kit saves time and money at the workshop</li> <li>For a European fleet of more than three million vehicles&nbsp;</li> </ul>
MEYLE tutorial: new video shows how to flush the cooling system in five simple steps

MEYLE tutorial: new video shows how to flush the…

<p><strong><u>Hamburg, 25 October 2018.</u> Based in Hamburg, manufacturing company MEYLE has a new tool to help workshops properly flush the cooling system. The tool, which MEYLE offers in collaboration with quality tool partner HAZET, can flush the cooling system using water and compressed air, so there’s no need for aggressive chemicals or cleaners. The all-purpose tool is suitable for five hose diameters (19, 29, 32, 36.5 and 40 mm) and thus many vehicle applications at the workshop.&nbsp;</strong></p>
Faas second in the Grammer standings, Kiss in the top 5 – tankpool24 Racing team looks back on an exciting 2018 season

Faas second in the Grammer standings, Kiss in the top 5…

<ul> <li><strong>Steffen Faas already secures second place in the Grammer's Truck Cup in his first truck race season&nbsp;</strong></li> <li><strong>Tankpool24 racing team takes fifth place in the team ranking of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship</strong></li> <li><strong>MEYLE supports tankpool24 racing team for the fifth time with MEYLE parts and technical know-how&nbsp;</strong></li> </ul>

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