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New MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit simplifies daily workshop operations

  • Pre-assembled MEYLE-ORIGINAL repair kit comprising pre-pressed wheel bearing and wheel hub
  • Ready-to-install repair kit saves time and money at the workshop
  • For a European fleet of more than three million vehicles 
New MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit simplifies daily workshop operations

Hamburg, November 07, 2018. The new all-in-one kit of Hamburg-based manufacturing company MEYLE is another clever repair solution which can save workshops valuable time: the wheel bearing and wheel hub are pre-assembled in the MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit, thus eliminating the need to remove and insert the wheel hub before installation, which can be a time-consuming process. This solution covers a global fleet of more than three million vehicles, including Audi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and VW models.

Time is money – particularly at the workshop. MEYLE engineers are fully aware of this fact, developing and creating repair solutions that save time and money. The new pre-assembled MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit provides workshop employees with all the necessary parts as a complete set, with the wheel hub and wheel bearing pre-pressed for installation. The two components are already assembled to enable the fastest installation possible, eliminating the need for the press. 

After all, when removing the wheel hub, parts of the wheel bearing can get stuck on the hub or the hub may be damaged. The sensitive ABS sensor ring (if present) can also be damaged when reinserted. Using MEYLE’s pre-pressed repair kit also ensures that all tolerances such as concentricity and run-out fit perfectly, as the components are optimally matched. Ordering and storing the MEYLE kit is also a breeze: there’s no need to find the right components and installation takes just one step. 

Repair times at the workshop are thus reduced significantly: installation requires up to 25% less time, as there’s no need to press and install individual components. 

The MEYLE-ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit was presented at Automechanika 2018 and is now available under the MEYLE parts numbers 014 753 0003, 100 653 0033, 100 653 0034 and 100 653 003. An expansion of the portfolio with further references is planned.

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