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Будьте в курсе событий. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – здесь вы найдете наши актуальные сообщения и видео. Если вам нравится, следите за нами с удовольствием!

The successful race weekend at the Nürburgring is over. Now it's time for a short summer break for the Truck Race teams. The...
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Truck Racing at the Nürburgring - Sascha Lenz finishes on the podium in the second race of the day. Congratulations! ----- Truck...
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Wiper blades are only changed in winter? Wrong! We advise you to check them also in summer. Insects on the windscreen and high...
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Would you like to get into the drifting sport? Martin Montag from @drift_united gives some tips on how to get started. ----- Habt...
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Great weather? So off to the sea or into the mountains. Before you go, make sure to have the brake system checked again. If the...
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A weekend full of emotions. Sascha Lenz was on the podium 2 times: we are happy with him about a 1st and 3rd place. So let’s...
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The next big motorsport highlight is coming. Sascha Lenz and his team SL Trucksport 30 are ready for the race. ----- Weiter...
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