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Here you can find a summary of press releases issued by MEYLE AG and its MEYLE brand. You can sort press releases by topic and download the Word document by clicking on the respective link. The images can then be downloaded from the press pictures page. If you publish any of this material please let us know briefly and let us have a file copy.

New "MEYLE Mechanics" video: How to identify defective shocks and prevent hazards

New "MEYLE Mechanics" video: How to identify defective…

<p><a href="">Video </a>on the "MEYLE TV" YouTube channel explains how to test shock absorber function<br /> <br /> <strong><u>Hamburg, 15 August 2017.</u> Manufacturers recommend that the shock absorbers be checked at the workshop every 80,000 driven kilometres. Shocks and struts are put under heavy strain during operation and it is critical for vehicle and passenger safety that they function as required. Defective shocks increase the stopping distance and reduce overall vehicle stability. It these symptoms occur, immediate shock absorber replacement is an absolute must. In their latest video posted on the "MEYLE TV" YouTube channel the "MEYLE Mechanics" explain how repair professionals can easily make shock absorber testing a routine job during vehicle inspection.</strong></p>
No-hassle general inspection: New MEYLE-ORIGINAL exhaust temperature sensors/HTS

No-hassle general inspection: New MEYLE-ORIGINAL…

<ul> <li>Making new additions to its range of high-temperature sensors Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE now offers some 150 different HTS applications to fit over 26 million vehicles in Europe</li> <li>Precise measurements for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions</li> </ul>
全新 MEYLE-HD 维修套件包含的“三合一控制臂”用于自 2007 年起生产的宝马 X5 和 X6 系列汽车的前桥

全新 MEYLE-HD 维修套件包含的“三合一控制臂”用于自 2007 年起生产的宝马 X5 和 X6…

<ul><li>每个套件都包含所有需要的控制臂以及安装材料</li><li>可以节省安装时间:MEYLE-HD 横向控制臂可以替换三款原装件 </li><li>不需要费时寻找合适的替换件</li></ul>
Just a tiny part – but what a difference: "tankpool24"-Team confident with MEYLE-ORIGINAL clutch booster

Just a tiny part – but what a difference:…

<ul> <li>Hamburg spare parts manufacturer MEYLE is supplying clutch boosters in MEYLE‑ORIGINAL quality for the "tankpool24" Racing Team's racing trucks</li> <li>Frequent gear-changing during races means that clutch boosters are exposed to exceptionally high loads</li> </ul>


<ul><li>位于汉堡的制造商MEYLE公司提供用于轻型运输车和轿车的67种有MEYLE-HD质量的新HD内拉杆总成</li><li> 更大的球头和锌镍合金覆层使使用寿命更为长久</li><li>对所有各种MEYLE-HD产品,MEYLE都不受汽车行驶里程的限制提供为期四年的保修期</li></ul>
The "MEYLE Mechanics" get the FC St. Pauli Handball Team's bus up and running again

The "MEYLE Mechanics" get the FC St. Pauli Handball…

<p class="lead">Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE welcomes special guests to its company headquarters</p>
“FC St. Pauli goes Ruanda“: MEYLE supports FC St. Pauli handball project in Africa

“FC St. Pauli goes Ruanda“: MEYLE supports FC St. Pauli…

<ul> <li>The handball team from Hamburg will be traveling to Ruanda in August to organize local workshops and to visit schools</li> <li>As the team’s main sponsor, MEYLE not only provides financial support, but also transport of equipment and will ensure mobility of the team</li> </ul>
Questions and answers with "tankpool24" pilot Norbert Kiss: "Our goal for 2017? To finish among the top 3 teams"

Questions and answers with "tankpool24" pilot Norbert…

<ul> <li>The "tankpool24" team with pilots Norbert Kiss and André Kursim gains a headstart in the 2017 racing season</li> <li>As the squad's partner in technology, MEYLE supports the last private team competing in FIA European Truck Racing Championship with MEYLE parts and engineering know-how</li> </ul>
三合一:现在为更多宝马车型提供符合 MEYLE-HD 品质的多功能横向控制臂

三合一:现在为更多宝马车型提供符合 MEYLE-HD 品质的多功能横向控制臂

<ul><li>全新 MEYLE-HD 横向控制臂用于自2007年起生产的宝马 X5 和 X6 系列车型的所有三款 OE 控制臂 </li><li> 无级调节式车轮导向万向节简化了维修工作 </li></ul>



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