New MEYLE Control Arm Bushing for Hyundai and Kia

Wulf Gaertner Autoparts continues to expand its MEYLE Asia Line with ever more high-quality products

The most recent addition is our MEYLE control arm bushing to fit Hyundai and Kia models, complementing our MEYLE Asia Line, dedicated entirely to Asian applications, with yet another high-demand component. The Asia Line already features a wide range of filters, brake discs and pads and covers over 90% of all top-selling Asian models in Europe.

As with all MEYLE parts, we also perform in-depth analyses of the Asia Line bushings to ensure highest quality of materials and workmanship and accuracy of fit. For example, the new bushing has proved its durability under highest loads in rigorous endurance testing involving several millions of simulated braking/starting cycles.

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