Third generation of MEYLE-HD stabilizer links

In addition to quality and long service life now also easy to install and remove

The latest generation of reinforced MEYLE-HD stabilizer link facilitates mechanics’ everyday work: A ball pin with wrench attachment allows to install and remove stabilizer links fast and simply.

When designing parts our engineers anticipate repair shop workflow with foresight. With the first generation they increased the ball head diameter of MEYLE-HD stabilizer links to 22 millimetres. As a result, the surface increases up to 55 per cent, which in turn considerably improves the stabilizer link's load carrying capacity. Even sturdier is the second generation stabilizer links: The ball pin snaps into a clip-on plastic socket made from wear-resistant polyoxymethylene plastic material (POM) which, thanks to its retaining latches, snugly fits into the steel housing.

An additional snap ring ultrasonically welded to the rear of the plastic socket helps further improve ball pin pull-out force. Thanks to these features stabilizer link durability is significantly enhanced.

When designing the first and second generation stabilizer links, the prime engineering objectives had been enhanced quality and durability and thus satisfied customers. With the third generation our engineers additionally focused on greater ease of installation and repair.

MEYLE-HD stabilizer links are available for more than 10,000 vehicle applications.

Third generation of MEYLE-HD stabilizer links



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