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MEYLE Original Rear Wheel Hub Bearing for C-Class W205: Smooth Longevity & Ready to Fit


Top-quality roller bearing steel is used for the bearing's shells & rolling elements inside the MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings. It is typified by high fracture toughness, extremely high corrosive resistance and is more wear resistant than conventional steel.

Ensured functionality:

To ensure longevity and smooth operation, each MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearing is fitted with an individual seal ideally matched to the respective application.This ensures smooth concentricity, keeps diret, salt and water away and result in a longer service life.

Ready to fit:

Most reference comes with high quality mounting materials- so that repairs professionals have all parts needed at hand.

MEYLE ORIGINAL Wheel Hubs and bearings:

MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel hubs and bearing convince with specification true to OE, are manufactured according to MEYLE standards and also meet and exceed the international production standard IATF 16949

 * article items items: -014 753 0005.

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