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MEYLE spare parts for passenger cars – advanced technology for significantly longer service life.

The safety and operational reliability of a motor vehicle hinges on the reliability of its components. Which is why we design and manufacture our parts to the most stringent quality standards. MEYLE offers a wide range of products for passenger cars. Spare parts from A to Z to cater for every class from super minis to top-of-the-range luxury models.

Our product groups

Brake components

Stop on a dime.

Drive components

Get maximum power to the road.

Suspension and damping parts

For maximum driving comfort and safety.


For a clean bill of health.

Cooling components

Keep engine temperatures steady.

Rubber-to-metal parts

For enhanced driving comfort.

Electrics and sensors

Always live.

Engine and transmission parts

For uninterrupted drive.


Lube and go.

Complementary product range

Wear-and-tear parts from A to Z.

Other Topics


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Online Catalogue

Find all MEYLE spare parts for passenger cars, vans and trucks in the online catalogue.