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MEYLE PD: brake discs and pads in outstanding quality.

Just the right dose of braking feel and good responsiveness play a key role in athletic, performance-oriented driving. That’s where MEYLE PD comes in: MEYLE PD brake discs and brake pads are components which offer optimal braking performance and which also set new benchmarks in durability, noise comfort, optics and simple installation – and, of course, they are ECE-certified. 

To put it simply: MEYLE PD brake discs shine without degreasing and offer the utmost in driving comfort as well as durability under the toughest conditions.



Brilliant appearance and no degreasing necessary:

  • Brilliant appearance thanks to modern coating technology for long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • No degreasing necessary due to the high-quality coating.

High level of resistance to heat distortion under the toughest conditions

  • The carbon content of the cast iron (material of the brake disc) is increased via a special process – the so-called carburisation – which helps avoid heat distortion and the associated vibrations for particularly heavy-duty or sensitive braking systems.

Driving comfort: 

  • Manufactured and tested to achieve the lowest values for disc thickness variation (DTV), concentricity, axial run-out and parallelism, and to eliminate any vibrations.
  • Every disc is finely balanced to eliminate imbalances and to prevent vibrations.

Meets and exceeds the highest standards in terms of quality and service

  • ECE-R90-certified as required.
  • 99% with fixing screw.


Two component MEYLE PD brake discs for BMW and Mercedes

The two component MEYLE PD brake discs are not only powerful and durable, but also boast a sophisticated design, thus increasing driving fun even when braking for many BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. Technological benefits include reduced weight as well as a robust design comprising an aluminium or stamped steel hat riveted to the cast iron friction ring – for exceptional resistance even in the toughest conditions. The brake discs are also equipped with a high-quality coating that eliminates the need for degreasing and offers permanent protection against corrosion. High carbon content ensures heat resistance in cases of thermal stress as well as long-lasting comfort without vibration.

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MEYLE brake components – in a league of their own.

Innovative products, better solutions, broad coverage and quality that stands out – MEYLE brake components are the best choice when it comes to expertise in aftermarket brakes. 
With nearly 4,000 item numbers and EU coverage of 95%, the portfolio is comprised of more than 25 years of expertise in brakes and benchmark-tested parts tailored to the needs of drivers.
MEYLE brake components are available in two product lines: MEYLE ORIGINAL stands for safety and comfort. MEYLE PD goes the extra mile and is MEYLE’s own product line designed for advanced spare parts hat set new standards in terms of comfort, functionality and performance.

In addition to over 1500 brake discs and 1300 brake pads, the range also includes brake shoe sets, brake hoses, warning contacts and brake drums.  


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