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MEYLE drive components – a perfect match

MEYLE drive components are manufactured to the most exacting standards and perfectly synchronised to one another. Tight manufacturing tolerances ensure ultra-low friction coefficients resulting in excellent part efficiency. The power which turns the wheels of a vehicle comes directly from the MEYLE drive components, which puts them in a very critical place. 

Distinct benefit: MEYLE drive components are continually available for all popular vehicle applications. Additionally, we offer wheel bearings, constant-velocity joints and boots in a practical repair kit – an efficient repair solution from a single source.

The complete range of drive components at a glance

  • Wheel hubs
  • Wheel bearings (also available as kit)
  • Constant-velocity joint assemblies
  • Steering knuckles 
  • ABS sensor rings 
  • Drive shaft assemblies


Here you will find all the information
about drive components as download files.

MEYLE-oil change kits 

for automatic transmissions
Guarantee all-round car service.

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