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MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kits – for more sustainable repairs

Replace the entire cardan shaft if components are damaged? The MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kits make this unnecessary. Simply replace the defective part – this saves money and is sustainable!

The centre bearing holds the cardan shaft in position and offsets vibrations when the power is transmitted between the transmission and the drive axle. It is exposed to permanent and extreme stresses here – especially in the high-torque engines of luxury SUVs. A frequent damage pattern: worn rubber bearings and bearing clearance tolerances that are no longer complied with. Time for replacement!

Cardan shaft repairs with MEYLE: economical and sustainable

The unique MEYLE cardan shaft repair kits provide you with all the parts you need to perform repairs correctly – with no unnecessary extras. The set comes in a single, practical box, allowing the centre bearing to be replaced on its own cost-effectively and in a targeted manner. The kit contains the bearing, boot, clamping ring, grease, installation materials and detailed, step-by-step installation instructions for successful repairs.

MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kits

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High-quality replacement parts from MEYLE for centre bearing repairs

  • Economical maintenance: replacement of the centre bearing rather than the entire cardan shaft
  • All the components needed in a practical box, from the bearing and boot to clamps and screws
  • Easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions for correct installation
  • Robust, durable and low-wear for high mileages
  • High-quality rubber-metal combination for optimum bearing clearance

Defective cardan shaft: how to replace it using the example of the Porsche Cayenne/VW Touareg

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