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MEYLE ORIGINAL drive shafts – robust and durable

A vehicle’s drive shaft transfers immense forces to the drive axle. For the shaft to be able to withstand this permanent stress, all the components need to be not only especially robust, but also perfectly coordinated with one another. Because a worn drive shaft will not only reduce driving comfort – it also represents a significant safety risk!

MEYLE ORIGINAL drive shafts are the ideal replacement parts for the majority of current vehicle models: their high quality, OE compliance and precision fit promise a long service life. This is thanks to tough special steel, durable boots and clamps, very high production tolerances and specially tailored high-performance greases in the constant-velocity joint and tripod joint.

MEYLE drive shafts – comprehensive and easy to find

For successful and correct installation, all the attachments needed such as screws and discs are included in delivery. And thanks to MEYLE’s unique data management system, you can find the right drive shaft quickly and efficiently – for noticeable time savings and greater productivity.


MEYLE ORIGINAL drive shafts

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What MEYLE ORIGINAL drive shafts stand for

  • Developed and manufactured in line with the highest production standards
  • Forged out of tough special steel
  • High torsional strength
  • Excellent quality for high mileages
  • Installation materials included for easy installation
  • Reduced vibrations and noise

Durable, low-wear, ready to install: MEYLE ORIGINAL joint kits!


Temperatures, the weather, stone impacts, forces – drive shafts and constant-velocity joints are subjected to all kinds of stresses. Making it all the more important that all the parts boast high-quality construction out of especially robust materials.

MEYLE ORIGINAL joint kits withstand the toughest demands:

  • Durable: use of specially forged, more wear-resistant steel
  • Smooth-running: use of special, highly resilient and water-repellent high-performance greases
  • Harmonious: optimally coordinated components
  • Complete: delivery with installation materials in OE quality


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