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MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings and hubs – precision-fit and durable

A vehicle’s wheel bearings and hubs see to it that all the wheels can run reliably and smoothly. However, the wear of these precision components is accelerated in the course of normal usage by uneven road surfaces, the weather and de-icing salt.

MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings and hubs serve as a durable and high-quality replacement: they make an impression with their perfectly precise fit and numerous details, and also reliably protect against moisture and dirt thanks to their snugly fitting seals.

High-quality production materials with no compromises

Nothing but high-quality bearing steel with high fracture toughness and enhanced corrosion resistance is used for MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings. In addition, the flange of every MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel hub is reinforced with extra tempering – resulting in added safety thanks to reliable connection of the wheel rim to the hub. What’s more, special high-performance grease offers ideal wear protection and ensures that everything runs smoothly even in extreme conditions.


MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings & wheel hubs

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What MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings and hubs stand for

  • Top quality
  • Robust and hard-wearing thanks to tempered steel
  • Precision-fit seals and water-repellent special grease
  • Developed and manufactured in line with the highest production standards
  • High availability for millions of European vehicle models
  • Also available as a MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearing repair kit for work time savings of up to 50%

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