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Impressive repair solution by MEYLE: ABS sensor kit for a targeted replacement


With a new MEYLE KIT,  MEYLE offers another cost-saving repair solution in line with the current market value: the ABS sensor kit in MEYLE-ORIGINAL quality enables targeted replacement of the defective ABS sensor and the sensor ring – a solution that’s currently only available through MEYLE. Up until recently, if an ABS sensor had been damaged by a defective sensor ring, it would have been necessary to replace the entire wheel hub, which is expensive for both the driver and workshop. The MEYLE KIT comprising ABS sensor, sensor ring and installation materials can help: most of the time, the wheel hub is still fully functional and can be used. This solution is currently available for Audi A3, VW Golf, VW Jetta, SEAT Altea and SEAT Leon, whose ABS sensor ring on OE wheel hubs can be replaced separately using the MEYLE KIT. Two new references can cover a car park of nearly 4 million vehicles in Europe. 

All of MEYLE’s electronic parts fulfil OE specifications 100% and are only incorporated into the portfolio after extensive functional testing, with additional focus on the quality of data. Thanks to detailed research on application and vehicle data, MEYLE guarantees an accurate fit – a key criterion that enables fast and correct parts identification for workshops and minimises return costs. 

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