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MEYLE ORIGINAL oil stop cable for Mercedes-Benz

The MEYLE ORIGINAL oil stop cable is a reliable, effective and simple solution for overcoming a weakness present in many petrol engines on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Due to wicking, engine oil enters the wiring harness and spreads to the control unit. This can cause damage to the sensors, actuators and the control unit.

A perfect fit for easy plug-and-play assembly

The oil stop cable can be simply connected between the wiring harness and the camshaft phaser, providing a perfect fit without the need for any tools. The cable’s solid metal core effectively prevents oil from spreading within the wiring harness and reaching the engine control unit – perfect for ensuring a long lifespan for your vehicle.

MEYLE original oil stop cable

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MEYLE oil stop cable – the highlights

High coverage

  • Available for over 5 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Europe

Easy assembly

  • Plug and play without any tools
  • Simply connect the MEYLE ORIGINAL oil stop cable between the wiring harness and the camshaft phaser
  • A perfect fit  

Prevent damage

  • The leaking cable connection between the engine control unit and camshaft phaser affects all Mercedes-Benz vehicles with M111, M271, M272, M273 engine types (including C-Class, CLK-Class, CLS-Class, E-Class and Sprinter).
  • The MEYLE ORIGINAL oil stop cable closes the capillary connection, preventing engine oil from entering and causing damage to the engine control unit, sensors and wiring harness.

High-quality design

  • Copper sleeves in the MEYLE ORIGINAL oil stop cable effectively prevent engine oil from entering the wiring harness and control unit.

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