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MEYLE air filters. For reduced wear and tear, consistent performance.

Petrol and diesel engines require oxygen and, depending on displacement, draw in between 200 m³ and 500 m³ of air per hour, which is a lot considering the excessive volume of dirt and dust particles in the air in city centres with increased traffic. Factors such as time of year, weather and road surfaces also play a key role. 
MEYLE air filters purify air as it’s drawn in, which prevents early wear and tear on mechanical components and ensures optimal combustion and thus consistent engine performance.
With more than 500 references, MEYLE air filters represent the largest product group in the MEYLE filter selection. Our MEYLE engineers conduct analysis of OE parts, which always forms the basis of development and production. Test reports are available for most references, including country-specific references.

Important: Replace air filters on a regular basis.

The air filter protects the engine from early signs of wear and tear on the pistons and cylinders and thus helps maintain the value of the engine and the vehicle, which is why optimal air filter function is so important. Particularly when it comes to naturally aspirated engines, prompt replacement of the filter element ensures consistent engine performance and optimal fuel consumption. As a result, air filters should be replaced on a regular basis as stated in the manufacturer’s specifications.

Your advantages with MEYLE air filters:

Perfect fit

Optimum capacity

High efficiency 

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