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MEYLE ORIGINAL filter kits

Everything you need for an efficient filter change, all in one box.

Save time, save money, save stress: The MEYLE ORIGINAL filter kits make your day-to-day workshop activities more efficient and more relaxed. When changing a filter with one of the practical kits, you no longer have to go to the trouble of seeking out all the spare parts you need in the warehouse or in databases as the MEYLE ORIGINAL filter kits contain all the filters required for servicing a specific vehicle, all under a single article number – packed job-specifically in a single box. Making annoying mix-ups and time-consuming repeat orders a thing of the past.

Here you will find all MEYLE filter kits:

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There are two versions of the practical filter kits: The large kits comprise all the filters you need for a vehicle service – making them perfect for that ‘big filter change’. The short kits are ideal if you simply need to replace the oil and cabin air filters – jobs that tend to coincide anyway due to their identical replacement intervals. MEYLE offers filter kits which are suitable for the majority of common passenger car models. So simply make your work easier – with the MEYLE ORIGINAL filter kits. 

MEYLE large kits.

All the filters in a vehicle that can be replaced, together in one box to prevent mix-ups.


  • 1 MEYLE oil filter
  • 1 MEYLE air filter
  • 1 MEYLE fuel filter (if necessary)
  • 1 MEYLE PD cabin air filter (or activated carbon cabin air filter)

MEYLE short kits.

The ideal choice when changing the oil filter and cabin air filter in a single process – both of which have the same service interval.


  • 1 MEYLE oil filter
  • 1 MEYLE PD cabin air filter

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