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MEYLE suspension and damping parts – built to make a difference.

With MEYLE shock absorbers you won't even notice the bumps. All system components are matched to work perfectly in tandem. Hard-chromium plating and maximum surface hardness combined with minimum surface roughness of the piston rods make MEYLE shocks exceptionally long-lasting. 
All MEYLE springs are made from durable spring wire designed to withstand highest compression loads throughout the entire service life. The springs have a zinc-phosphatised finish and powder coating to prevent corrosion. 
MEYLE HD strut mounts feature a larger rubber-to-metal contact area making them extremely durable and robust.

  • MEYLE shock absorbers

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    Cushioning the impact: MEYLE shock absorbers for passenger cars.

    Maximum surface hardness combined with minimum surface roughness and hard-chromium plating of the piston rods are default MEYLE features.

  • MEYLE-HD Federbeinstützlager

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    For long-lasting support: MEYLE-HD strut mounts for passenger cars.

    Less vulnerable thanks to reinforced materials MEYLE strut mounts are built to task for which we vouch with an extended 4-year guarantee.

The complete range of suspension and damping parts at a glance

Visibly superior quality – MEYLE shock absorbers put to the salt spray test.

The MEYLE piston rod shows less surface corrosion than all other products against which it was benchmarked.





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