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We support motorsport enthusiasts with better parts – all over the world.

For MEYLE, motor sports are a subject with tradition: As a passionate racing driver in South America, company founder Wulf Gaertner himself was faced with the challenge of obtaining high-quality spare parts for his racing car - which he finally purchased from Germany and thus laid the foundation for export trade.

Many of the more than 30 MEYLE engineers around the world are very often motorsport enthusiasts themselves, and our partnerships with the T3 Motorsports Team, SL TruckSport 30 team and Morgan are the result of engineering work in OE quality, combined with our commitment to smaller batches in the independent aftermarket.

Are you interested in a sponsorship from MEYLE AG? Here you can find our sponsoring enquiry form.




You need high-end engineering capability for small volume, possibly needing to utilize additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing? Get in touch with our engineers at 3D(at)meyle.com.


Behind us are exciting months with spectacular races and great events. We are already looking forward to spending the 2020 racing season. Our MEYLE Performance Presskit gives you insights as well as copyright-free images for editorial use (@MEYLE).

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