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We support motorsport enthusiasts with better parts – all across the world.

For MEYLE, the connection to motorsport has a long-standing tradition. The company’s founder Wulf Gaertner, a passionate racing driver in South America, was himself faced with the challenge of finding high-quality automotive spare parts for his racing car. He ultimately sourced them from Germany, thus laying the foundation for export trade.

Today, motorsport plays a central role in product development, especially as a test field under real conditions. Our more than 30 MEYLE engineers worldwide are most often motorsport enthusiasts themselves. They combine their daily development work with their passion for motorsport by transferring their expertise on the racetrack to the in-house development of parts. With every kilometre raced on the track, they gather valuable data and findings for the further development and optimisation of products, thus making the work of independent workshops and their employees simpler and more efficient.



It’s all the more reason why the Hamburg-based manufacturer is excited to continue its sponsorship of the Paul Motorsport and SL Trucksport 30 teams as well as its involvement in the German Rally Championship with Christian Riedemann this season. In addition to Paul Motorsport’s start at the ADAC GT Masters, the Dresden-based racing team is entering the DTM Trophy for the first time with an Audi R8 LMS GT4. A special highlight for MEYLE is the opportunity to support the Junior team for another consecutive season in the Opel e-Rally and to prove that motorsport and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand.

Are you interested in being sponsored by MEYLE AG? You can find our form for sponsorship requests here.

 Are you looking for high-end engineering solutions for small volumes? Perhaps you require additive manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing to be used? Get in touch with our engineers at 3D(at)meyle.com.

Are you interested in being sponsored by MEYLE AG?

Here you can find our form for sponsorship requests.

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