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MEYLE – a name active in rally sport

DRM and ADAC Opel e-Rally: MEYLE sets its sights firmly on new drive technologies

Following the successful last season, MEYLE will continue its involvement in the German Rally Championship. MEYLE currently supports reputed driver Christian Riedemann as a sponsoring partner. In this cooperation with Christian Riedemann, MEYLE places particular emphasis on the junior team he is in charge of, which will be competing in its second season in the ADAC Opel e-Rally. The first season of the electric rally championship took place last year. MEYLE was part of the event right from the outset, staying true to the pioneering spirit of its founder Wulf Gaertner, who himself was an enthusiastic racing driver. With its involvement in the Opel e-Rally, MEYLE aims to continue this pioneering spirit by developing premium quality parts for new vehicles with new drive technologies as part of this collaboration. We also want to help bridge the connection between traditional motorsport and a more sustainable future in the best possible way.

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