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3-in-1 control arm design

Improved design for longer service life: MEYLE HD parts deliver enhanced durability. Compared to OE, MEYLE HD is technically improved with reinforced inner parts, using higher quality materials or optimized design solution.

MEYLE-KIT with 3-in-1 control arm kit replaces 3 different OE designs. The continuously variable ball joint with exact position display allows camber correction during axle alignment directly on the vehicle.

OE part

3 OE control arm versions


  • Wear out of ball joints and rubber bushings due to high vehicle weight and strain to components

  • OE part with correct camber can only be identified during time intensive wheel alignment check before installation


  • Unpredictable which version of control arm fits to the car

  • High effort and costs


MEYLE-HD 1 control arm to replace 3 OE equivalents


  • Variable guiding suspension ball joint with clear position marking allows easy camber correction

  • Replaceable MEYLE HD ball joint

  • MEYLE high-tech grease inside


  • Only available from MEYLE: 3-in-1 solution covers all 3 OE control arms

  • Saves time and money, warehousing space and simplifies logistics

  • Longer life time

  • 4-year warranty

  • Replaceable MEYLE-HD ball joint & MEYLE-HD Bushings with improved rubber design for maximum service live