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MEYLE PD: Advanced performance and design.

With MEYLE PD, it’s all about performance and design. MEYLE PD vehicle parts are completely accurate and OE-compliant, but also score points for enhanced performance and sophisticated design. This way, each MEYLE PD solution offers additional and often better functionality or performance than the original example and comparable vehicle parts from other manufacturers.

More than ‘just the original’.

MEYLE PD’s unique and high-quality spare parts portfolio is the result of our many years of manufacturing expertise. In MEYLE AG’s own development and testing departments, engineers and automotive technicians with practical experience analyse selected vehicle parts and optimise them. The result of this multistage re-engineering process is vehicle components for everyone who wants more than ‘just the original’.

MEYLE PD. New standards.

Every PD part manufactured by MEYLE scores points with its improved functional, performance, comfort or design properties, setting new standards in the process!
The MEYLE PD range currently comprises around 1,300 products – and is constantly being expanded thanks to satisfied customers. The focus is on the brake and filter product categories

MEYLE demonstrates that it can be done better.

Because ‘making it better’ is in our DNA, there are the optimised, OE-compliant vehicle parts from MEYLE PD. For example, MEYLE PD cabin air filters remove particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) more thoroughly than the original filters. MEYLE PD brake discs, on the other hand include a modern coating for long-lasting corrosion protection, among other things. In addition, the discs are made of a metal alloy with a higher carbon content – this optimises their resistance to distortion even under great strain and the toughest operating conditions.

To put it simply: MEYLE PD vehicle parts are not only a perfect fit, robust and high quality, but are also one thing above all else: advanced design and technology.

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