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MEYLE-PD brake discs: Premium quality for the highest driving comfort.

The advanced coating technology of MEYLE-PD brake discs shine without degreasing and ensure long lasting protection against corrosion. For sensitive brake systems, a High Carbon (HC) alloy prevents „warping“ and wearresistance under the most extreme conditions.

To top it off, MEYLE-PD brake discs of course provide maximum driving comfort.



Brilliant appearance and no degreasing necessary:

  • Brilliant appearance thanks to modern coating technology for long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • No degreasing necessary due to the high-quality coating.

High level of resistance to heat distortion under the toughest conditions

  • The carbon content of the cast iron (material of the brake disc) is increased via a special process – the so-called carburisation – which helps avoid heat distortion and the associated vibrations for particularly heavy-duty or sensitive braking systems.

Driving comfort: 

  • Manufactured and tested to achieve the lowest values for disc thickness variation (DTV), concentricity, axial run-out and parallelism, and to eliminate any vibrations.
  • Every disc is finely balanced to eliminate imbalances and to prevent vibrations.

Meets and exceeds the highest standards in terms of quality and service

  • ECE-R90-certified as required.
  • 99% with fixing screw.


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