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Just the right dose of braking feel and good responsiveness play a key role in athletic, performance-oriented driving. 

That’s where MEYLE-PD comes in: MEYLE-PD brake discs and brake pads are components with optimal braking performance that also set new standards in terms of durability, noise comfort, optics and simple installation.



Individualisation in braking can take place on different levels: through the optimal matching to driver type and vehicle, optimised design for greater sportiness or the best possible composition of materials. To this end, MEYLE knows and works with a wide range of friction materials to generate the optimal driving experience – matched to the driver type and vehicle. The result is 430 individual MEYLE-PD pads with their own specially designed material mixes.

The subject of noise is a particularly important factor in this process. Noise is created by high-frequency vibrations, between the brake disc and brake pad which generate the typical ‘squeaking’ and braking noises. Although a loud squeaking is often recognised as a characteristic of sporty brake pads, MEYLE as a manufacturer takes it one step further and looks for ways to reduce the noise of the components. As things stand today, nearly 50% of the factors identified by MEYLE as being responsible for noise during braking can be impacted by research and development, which is why MEYLE-PD brake pads score points with a number of optimisations to ensure the right factors of low-noise high performance.

  • Individual shims act as vibration absorbers: they prevent the vibrations from being transferred to other components, thus reducing vibrations overall. An adhesive layer between the shim and the mounting plate, which uncouples the components from vibrations, guarantees a high level of  cushioning and reduces noise.
  • Individualised chamfers depending on the type of brake pad ensure that performance is largely noise-free. The chamfered edges are adapted to the individual vehicle type and ensure an optimal transition between brake pad and disc without any hard edges. This becomes particularly important, especially during the bedding-in phase, to avoid the generation of noise and to make the MEYLE-PD braking experience palpable right from the very start. 
  • Even the so-called slots are individually designed for MEYLE-PD brake pads. These help avoid not only cracks in the brake pad, which can arise due to temperature-dependent expansion and contraction, but also noise because they dissipate brake dust. 
  • Another factor of individualisation is the mixture proportions of the friction pad: the materials reflect the appropriate mixture of performance and noise comfort to provide the utmost in performance which is in tune with the vehicles. The individual factors are the focus of development work at MEYLE, which involves lots of time, effort, testing and research work carried out by the MEYLE engineers and experts. MEYLE therefore identifies its own mixture on its brake pads with ‘MF’, which stands for ‘MEYLE FRICTION’. 

To put it simply: MEYLE-PD brake pads provide maximum braking performance with a short bedding-in time, work without noise and keep the wheels clean. An unbeatable mix of performance and noise comfort.

Cleaner wheels: less brake dust thanks to improved friction coating mixtures.

In addition to less noise, the optimal composition of the friction coating mixtures of MEYLE-PD brake pads delivers another advantage: less brake dust. MEYLE-PD brake pads keep the wheels clean – even over the long term. Compared to the competitors, MEYLE-PD brake pads generate less brake dust during instances of braking.* MEYLE thus once again lives up to its role as a pioneer in the aftermarket segment: since the very beginning, MEYLE-PD components have been free of copper and heavy metals and thus meet the requirements of global regulations today, which reduce or completely prohibit residual amounts of copper, heavy metals and asbestos in brake components. For MEYLE, this has been a matter of course for decades and made clear on MEYLE-PD boxes with the highest level of the ‘Leaf Mark’ safe-braking symbol. 


* Tested according to internal MEYLE criteria compared to IAM competitors. 

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