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Better than OE.

Increased ball pin diameter

Improved performance and service life:

larger ball pin diameter of MEYLE-HD ball joint distributes forces over a larger surface area and minimizes part wear. 



OE part

OE specified ball pin diameter


  • Heavy vehicles cause intense strain and high surface pressure on ball joints


  • Reduced life time due to worn out ball joints
  • Impaired driving safety


Increased ball pin diameter


  • Larger ball pin diameter distributes forces over larger surface area and minimizes wear and tear
  • Extremely long-wearing ball joint sockets
  • MEYLE high-tech grease inside



  • Significantly longer lifetime
  • Longer driving safety
  • 4-year warranty


What our engineers say

Marc Erdmann

(Engineer at Steering & Suspension department)

MEYLE ball joints are designed to last longer:

  1. MEYLE Rubber boot is made of Chloropren-rubber >CR< which is known for its higher lifetime
  2. The housing is a precision forget steel body for easy assembling
  3. Ball Pin is made of high quality forget steel
  4. The polymer seat is made of >POM< which ensure an higher lifetime and smoothly run of the ball pin
  5. Bottom cap protects the inside of the ball joint for water and dust