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Better than OE.

Profile optimized inner sleeve

Our goal: high-quality MEYLE-HD parts with longer service life than the OE counterpart.

MEYLE-HD bushing were therefore equipped with a technically superior design:

an improved profiled inner sleeve. This makes the MEYLE-HD bushing more robust, causing a longer service life.



OE part

Simple profile of inner sleeve


  • Failure of the rubber to metal bonding on the inner sleeve due to intense strain


  • Shorter lifetime and premature failure
  • Impaired driving safety


Profile optimized inner sleeve


  • Profile optimized inner sleeve withstands greater forces due to improved rubber to metal bonding


  • Significantly longer lifetime
  • Longer driving safety
  • 4-year warranty

What our engineers say

Marc Erdmann

(Engineer at Steering & Suspension department)

Taxi applications are a good example of how tried-and-tested technologies can be most effectively used to significantly increase wear-and-tear part life at manageable cost. Based on the results of failure analyses and test-stand examinations MEYLE-HD parts feature a higher-grade rubber material and reshaped rubber profile to deliver improved load-carrying capabilities.