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New MEYLE-HD repair kit with 3-in-1 control arm for the front axle repair on BMW X5 and X6 Series models built from 2007 onwards

MEYLE AG presents its MEYLE-HD repair kit for the front axle repair on BMW X5 and X6 Series models built from 2007 onwards. The repair kit includes all required control arm assemblies along with a full set of corrosion-resistant mounting parts. Also included in the kit: the MEYLE-HD control arm with adjustable guiding suspension ball joint. Engineered to adapt to three different original designs this pioneering control arm makes wheel alignment measurement prior to repair unnecessary. The MEYLE solutions help repair professionals save precious time and money during ordering and replacement while offering the added benefit of a four-year guarantee, which comes with all parts of the MEYLE-HD range.


Front axle repair is a costly and highly complex procedure. But now there is a straightforward remedy: the new MEYLE-HD repair kit for the front axle replacement on BMW X5 and X6 Series models built from 2007 onwards. With this all-in-one kit, repair professionals have all required parts on hand at once, saving them the time-consuming identification and ordering of the correct part.

Coming with the required control arm assemblies and a full set of corrosion-resistant mounting parts, the kit offers yet another business-critical benefit: the ball joint of the MEYLE-HD control arms included in the kit (Meyle no.: 316 050 0034/HD (LH) and 316 050 0033/HD (RH)) can be adjusted to suit three different wheel camber settings. This way, the control arm pair caters for three different original control arm designs. Offering an increased part life over the original design, the ball joint of the MEYLE-HD control arm features a top-grade anti-corrosion coating and the socket is made from a highly wear-resistant plastic material. As an added extra, the MEYLE-HD bushings can be replaced separately. Owing to these technical refinements, the MEYLE-HD control arm kit comes with an extended four-year warranty, as do all items of the MEYLE-HD range.

Supplied in genuine MEYLE-HD quality, the new repair kit is as of now available under the MEYLE reference 316 050 0108/HD (short no.: MCK0038HD).


MEYLE workshop advice: An initial wheel alignment procedure during repair is no longer required. Thanks to the clear position marking, the 3-in-1 control arm with continuously variable guiding suspension ball joint allows for swift and easy wheel camber correction. On the company's "MEYLE TV" channel repair professionals can find a video tutorial guiding them through the installation procedure, from mounting the MEYLE-HD control arm in zero position to setting it to positive or negative, following axle alignment. This is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/QK6PikkkYZs.

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