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Introducing ... the latest member of the "MEYLE Mechanics" team

A new face for the MEYLE Mechanics: Peter joined the team a couple of weeks ago. In the latest MEYLE Mechanics videos, he demonstrates assembly procedures for different MEYLE parts and provides professional installation advice. Get to know the new MEYLE Mechanic in this interview:


Peter, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Peter, I'm 53 years old and a trained car mechanic. I have been with MEYLE since 2013 – but only recently joined the MEYLE Mechanics.


What made you decide to become a MEYLE Mechanic? 

Since I was a boy, I've liked nothing better than tinkering with any kind of vehicle, so it was only natural that I made my passion my career as well and trained as a car mechanic. Being a MEYLE Mechanic allows me to offer repair tips and advice to fellow professionals. This is something that I enjoy very much! Motor vehicles also play an important role in my private life: I am an enthusiastic motorcyclist and love to cruise on my Harley-Davidson.


Could you tell us a little bit about your first days in front of the camera?

The first days were extremely exciting and exhausting at the same time, as this was my first-ever venture into acting. You shoot a scene over and over again until it's in the bag – this can take quite a while at times. The whole business of making a video is extremely interesting. I wasn't remotely aware of how many people are involved in producing film footage.


Were there any particularly hilarious moments on the set?

Getting stuck several consecutive times at exactly the same spot was always good for a team laugh. We would rehearse what to say beforehand and everything would go smoothly as the long as the camera was turned off. But as soon as we heard someone call "action" either our minds went blank or we found ourselves saying something entirely different from what we had planned. Yes, those are the unforgettable moments – we always had lots of fun at the set.


What do you do in your free time when you're not busy shooting “MEYLE Mechanics” videos?

I'm passionate about vehicles also in my free time. Whenever I can spare a moment, I work on my Harley and of course I like to go on a relaxed ride. To offset motorcycling, I play a little bit of soccer.


Do you have a dream car?

I don't have a particular dream car. If I had to make up my mind I'd go for a V8 engine. Preferably a model from a US brand.


Please follow the link and discover our MEYLE Mechanics videos on our YouTube channel.

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