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MEYLE brakes – keep a tighter grip.

MEYLE brake components for passenger cars are in a class of their own. With their superior casting quality, stringent specifications and excellent, short bed-in behaviour MEYLE brake discs are guaranteed to take a firm grip on the wheel in any situation. Featuring 3-layer damping shims MEYLE brake pads minimise braking noise and vibration – for maximum driving pleasure. 


Even installation is fun with the MEYLE-PD brake discs: Thanks to their anti-corrosion coating there is no need for degreasing and the right locating screw is included in the box. The wide range of MEYLE brake discs, brake pads, brake drums and brake hoses is readily available from stock and caters for 95 per cent of the vehicles registered across Europe.

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    Stop on a dime: MEYLE brakes for passenger cars.

    Made from a specially formulated friction material mix, tested in multi-stage quality assurance procedures, tested and approved to ECE-R90 standards: this is genuine MEYLE-PD quality.

The complete range of brake components at a glance

  • Brake hoses
  • Wear indicators
  • Wheel cylinders

Advanced design and technology: MEYLE-PD brake components

MEYLE-PD brake discs

Cutting edge coating, long-lasting anti-corrosion protection and a brilliant appearance

MEYLE-PD brake pads

High, constant friction coefficient and class-leading responsiveness.

MEYLE brake discs tested and certified to ECE R90 standards

As of November 2016, replacement brake discs on newly registered vehicles must demonstrate compliance with the ECE R90 quality standard. Exceeding legal requirements, 90 per cent of all MEYLE brake discs currently sold already comply with the standard even today. This also encompasses brake discs fitted on older vehicles models – a requirement not included in the scope of the directive. 

Comprehensive testing is carried out by independent experts to determine the components' functional reliability and safety. To pass the test, the parts are required to withstand a large number of braking actions under extreme conditions without showing any signs of damage. Authorised experts evaluate part performance based on criteria set out in the ECE R90 directive.


Please find further information in our press release.



The shortest braking distance is the reward – benchmarking MEYLE brake pads.

Evidence of the superior quality that hallmarks MEYLE-PD brake pads.

Dry and wet brake performance tests

In these tests the vehicle brakes from 80km/h (50mph) to a complete stop.

μ split test

The vehicle brakes with the wheels running on two different road surfaces each with a different friction coefficient: the right-hand wheels on packed snow, the left-hand wheels on wet tarmac. This test measures the stopping distance, road-hold and braking stability of the vehicle when braked from 80km/h (50mph) to a complete halt.

AMS (AutoMotorSport) brake fade test

This test documents the braking behaviour under extreme operating conditions. A series of ten successive emergency stops is performed, bringing brake pad temperatures up to as high as 650°C. The pad friction coefficient must remain constant throughout the test. In the final stage of the test, the stopping distance is measured again after the brake pads have cooled down.





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