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MEYLE-ORIGINAL radiator hose for Scania

to fit P, G, R, T G 420 series models, P,G,R,T P 230, P 270, P 310, P 420 series models, P,G,R,T R 230, R 310, R 340, R 420, R 580 series models

Only highest-grade components are used on MEYLEORIGINAL radiator hoses to guarantee exceptionally long product life.

1. MEYLE version: The hose is 20% thicker than its OE equivalent and crafted with expert workmanship.

2. MEYLE version: Original Norma connector provides for excellent sealing. Usual competitor version: Plastic connector.

3. MEYLE version: Made of extremely robust kevlar fabric. Dimensionally stable thanks to excellent temperature resistance. Usual competitor version: Standard textile fabric.

4. MEYLE version: Smooth, anti-soiling surface repellent to dust, oil and rust. Usual competitor version: Rough surface.

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