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Drum brakes – a part that’s celebrating a comeback

Be it brake drums or brake shoes, MEYLE is the right partner when it comes to drum brakes too.

For a long time, drum brakes were considered outdated. Drum brakes were used in the very early days of automobile development but were then increasingly replaced by disc brakes. However, this type of brake is now increasingly being used once again, with the drum brake featuring more and more in small family cars and electric vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers are turning to this technology once again because it is low-wear, low-maintenance and inexpensive.

A brake drum is usually replaced due to corrosion as it is a part which is less likely to suffer wear. This is where a MEYLE ORIGINAL brake drum can help! It can make the braking effect smooth once again. MEYLE ORIGINAL brake drums are manufactured with the utmost precision in order to meet the highest standards – those of ECE R90 and our own too.

MEYLE knows what workshops want, from separate brake shoes to pre-assembled all-in-one kits

Good brake shoes are essential in order for the drum brake to serve its purpose.

Being a key component of the drum brake, brake shoes are an integral part of our product range. While there is little wear here, some is nevertheless inevitable. Storage damage caused by reduced use is worthy of mention too.

This is why we offer a comprehensive array of brake shoes. However, positioning the shoes, clips and springs correctly when installing a set of brake shoes which are not pre-assembled is anything but easy and can be quite a puzzle – not to mention the time it takes to research and order the right cylinder. To save time in stressful day-to-day workshop operations, we therefore also offer a ‘brake shoe kit +’ with a wheel cylinder. The ‘brake shoe kit +’ makes installation easier as it solves these problems by including the attachment materials and wheel cylinder.

Separate brake shoes:
The traditional and affordable repair option is the replacement of an individual shoe.

Pre-assembled brake shoe kit:
The brake shoe kit with pre-assembled brake shoes results in less installation stress as everything is ready-assembled and time-consuming positioning is therefore eliminated.

Pre-assembled ‘brake shoe kit +  including wheel cylinder and attachment materials:
The ‘brake shoe kit +’ offers all the advantages you need to make your day-to-day workshop work as efficient and as time-saving as possible:

  • All in one: Springs, adjustment mechanism, levers and clips are included. As MEYLE recommends also replacing the wheel cylinder when replacing the brake shoes, this is likewise included in the kit.
  • Pre-assembled: All the accessories are already assembled on the brake shoe, resulting in less installation work for the mechanic.
  • Saves time and money: There is no need to order the various parts individually – leaving you with time to devote to the important tasks such as the next repair job.

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