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Complete cardan shaft change to replace defective centre bearing? – Not with MEYLE!

The task of the centre bearing is to position the cardan shaft and absorb vibration. Premium-class SUVs fitted with a high-torque engine are subject to particularly high levels of stress. As the most vulnerable part of the bearing, the rubber component is likely to become brittle and crack under excessive strain. A defective centre bearing must be replaced immediately. However, authorised VAG shops do not offer the bearing separately, making replacement of the entire cardan shaft unavoidable – a procedure involving considerable costs!

The MEYLE ORIGINAL centre bearing repair kit offers a swift, cost-effective alternative paired with unproblematic replacement. The kit includes the bearing, rubber boot, clamp ring and grease complemented by step-by-step fitting instructions to ensure full-service repair.

MEYLE no.: 100 151 0000/S (Short no. MDM0093)

Centre bearing repair kit

MEYLE no.: 100 152 1001 (Short no. MPJ0096)

Flex disc repair kit incl. mounting material

MEYLE no.: 100 152 2001 (Short no. MPJ0097)

Full-service cardan shaft repair kit incl. mounting material

Also available is a full-service kit version:

The MEYLE repair kit 100 152 2001 (Short no. MPJ0097) which includes the centre bearing, flex disc, stretch bolts and mounting parts.

Repair of the cardan shaft by using the MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kit: Step by step

Using the VW Tiguan as an example (MEYLE repair kit no. 100 151 0100/S)

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 1 und 2

    1. Undo cap

    2. Remove cardan shaft

    Remove carefully to prevent bearings from falling out
    Mark ball joint position on the shaft for correct subsequent assembly
    Mark the track and bearings accordingly too

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 3

    3. Remove cardan shaft parts

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 4

    4. Push joint flange down

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 5

    5. Remove safety ring

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 6

    6. Pull joint flange off the shaft

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 7

    7. Remove protective cap

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 8

    8. Remove centre bearing and corrosion residue from pin

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 9

    9. Carefully reattach the MEYLE-ORIGINAL centre bearing 

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 10

    10. Reattach the joint flange in the marked position

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 11

    11. Reattach the MEYLE-ORIGINAL safety ring

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 12

    12_1. Reposition the joint flange

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 12

    12_2. Reposition the joint flange

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 13

    13. Attach the O-ring

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 14

    14. Insert the bearings in the marked positions


    Use the MEYLE grease provided to grease the joint. After greasing, put the cardan shaft together and check that it works. 

  • MEYLE Kardanwelle Schritt

    Schritt 15

    15. Firmly attach the protective cap to the cardan shaft by overturning


Removal and installation should only ever be carried out by trained experts. Please follow the car manufacturer’s instructions closely. MEYLE AG accepts no responsibility and assumes no liability if the steps shown in the video are not replicated. 

Images for MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kit: 

NB: These images are not an exact sequence of the individual installation and removal steps – they are merely an extract. You can find the complete installation and removal steps in the installation instructions provided with the MEYLE ORIGINAL cardan shaft repair kit.

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