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MEYLE ORIGINAL flex discs: high vehicle coverage, convincing quality.

MEYLE ORIGINAL flex discs guarantee optimum absorption and elasticity characteristics. The individual components of rubber, fabric and steel sleeves are always perfectly adapted to the particular vehicle:

• Fabric made of sophisticated synthetic fibres

• Highly resilient coils

• Weather and temperature-resistant rubber compounds

75 MEYLE ORIGINAL flex discs for 3,343 vehicle models are permanently available. MEYLE repair sets partly cover several different vehicle applications. That‘s why in some cases you won‘t need all the installation material that comes with it. The new MEYLE ORIGINAL flex disc for BMW models can be ordered under the following article numbers:

MEYLE no. 314 152 1012, short no. MPJ0098 (single part)

MEYLE no. 314 152 1112, short no. MPJ0099 (front set)

MEYLE no. 314 152 1312, short no. MPJ0100 (rear set)

On the following pages you will find an overview of the MEYLE ORIGINAL flex disc range.

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