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MEYLE-ORIGINAL oil change kits for automatic transmissions make changing transmission oil extremely easy, because each of the more than 60 vehiclespecific kits in our range contain everything needed for the job. This saves time and enables a timely and competent service.

Gear oil change has never been so easy!

MEYLE-ORIGINAL oil change kits for automatic transmissions - all in one for a competent service.

MEYLE is continuously expanding its portfolio of repair-friendly complete kits for this purpose: More than 60 repair-friendly complete sets are currently available for oil changes in automatic transmissions. The oil change kits cover more than 6,000 vehicle applications of all common transmission manufacturers and contain all components required for oil changes:

  • Filters
  • Seals
  • Screws
  • Drain or inlet screws
  • Magnets
  • The appropriate volume of ATF

Workshop advice: If the gear oil is changed regularly, most gear specifications generally do not require gear flushing. Gearbox flushing is not recommended for gearboxes with high kilometrage (from 150,000 km), as it can lead to gearbox damage. Please follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.

Advice: Don‘t miss this opportunity at the next scheduled service.

MEYLE-ORIGINAL oil change kit for Mercedes 7-G Tronic and 7-G Tronic Plus automatic transmissions

Due to high market demand, MEYLE also offers an oil change kit for the Mercedes 7 gear automatic transmission 7-G Tronic and 7-G Tronic Plus. It contains the special Combi-Media® and Smart-Media™-Triple hydraulic filter, which corresponds to the specified special code A89 (friction reduction). The multi-layer design, which is tailored to the special and current vehicle applications, ensures optimum filter performance: four different filter media ensure that the ultra-fine particles produced in the transmission are absorbed. 


Here you will find our oil change kit videos!

Click here to access the poster with an overview of the gear-specific change intervals.

MEYLE-oil change kits
for automatic transmissions

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