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MEYLE-ORIGINAL differential pressure sensor prevents costly subsequent damage!

MEYLE addresses the diesel exhaust emission controversy by making new additions to its range of sensors


Defective electronic parts can be costly: A failure of the differential pressure sensor (DP sensor) can cause irreparable damage to the diesel particle filter (DPF) and involve significant consequential costs in case of a turbocharger and engine breakdown.

However, replacing the entire diesel particle filter assembly is not always necessary: In many cases, it is sufficient – and also much more time and cost efficient – to replace only the sensor to remedy the problem! To help repair professionals and vehicle owners save precious time and money, MEYLE now offers the MEYLE-ORIGINAL DP sensor – an effective, yet low-cost alternative to the replacement of the entire particle filter assembly and OE solutions.

The MEYLE-ORIGINAL DP sensor at a glance:

• Manufactured to OE specifications

Full software compatibility: Flawless communication between the MEYLE-ORIGINAL DP sensor and the control unit helps prevent false diagnosis and subsequent damage

A safe bet for customers and repair professionals: The MEYLE sensor complies with the most demanding technical and legal requirements in place for dieselpowered vehicles and exhaust emission tests

Manufactured under ambient atmosphere conditions the highly sensitive electronic components are engineered to meet the most stringent quality standards

• The range of MEYLE DP sensors caters for 26 million vehicles the world over. New applications to be added in 2018.

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