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A clear view of the road with parts for cleaning windscreens and headlights

Clean windows and headlights on a vehicle – this is where MEYLE ORIGINAL windscreen washer pumps for windscreens and headlight cleaning systems come into play. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest MEYLE standards and specifications by international and renowned OE production partners, are fully checked for performance and guarantee one of the highest levels of quality in the aftermarket.

Correct application data with all the important information guarantees an accurate fit and minimises the risk of consequential costs and effort. The importance of accurate data in the field of electronics is evident when it comes to windscreen washer pumps:

  • Dual windscreen washer pumps have two outlets: one for the windscreen and one for the rear window. Mono windscreen washer pumps, on the other hand, only have one output for the windscreen. Incorrectly allocated application data can result in a dual windscreen washer pump coming up in the database for a convertible, although this vehicle does not have a rear wiper system. The result is high costs as well as a large amount of time spent on returns and working hours on the part of the customer and workshop – and yet this is so easy to avoid: MEYLE therefore focuses on accurate application data to minimise the risk of consequential costs and effort.


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