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New MEYLE ORIGINAL axle beam repair kit eliminates entire subframe replacement!

to fit Peugeot 206 CC, 206 hatchback, 206 SW

Replace rear axle journals separately and save money.

Worn seal rings accelerate corrosion and wear on rear axle journals and their corresponding rolling bearings. The result:

• Bearing play

• Running noise during operation

• Loss of steering precision

• Increased tyre wear

• Road safety hazards

As of now MEYLE supplies a full-service repair kit for Peugeot and Citroën models offering field-proven premium quality for cost-effective repairs in line with repair time allowances. And the best thing is: The new MEYLE ORIGINAL repair kit makes it possible to replace only the components that actually need replacement, rather than changing the entire rear axle subframe, which is still common repair practice. Customers benefit from a tremendous financial advantage, in particular owners of older vehicles who might otherwise face a total write-off.

The MEYLE ORIGINAL repair kit includes all requisite individual parts:

• 2 axle journals

• 2 outer bearings

• 2 inner bearings

• 2 seal rings

• 1 stabiliser plastic screw

• 2 M20x1.5 extractor nuts

• 1 MEYLE high-performance grease

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