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Reinforced design: MEYLE-HD control arm for Fiat applications

To fit Fiat 500 | Fiat 500C | Ford Ka II

Often causing a vehicle to fail periodic technical inspection, defective control arms on Fiat 500 models are a frequent source of trouble for repair professionals. The main culprit is the control arm‘s ball joint pin. 

The consequences of ball joint damage range from increased tyre wear to indirect steering and poor roadholding and may even lead to sudden steering system failure, if the ball pin comes loose from the socket. Committed to remedying this weakness, the MEYLE engineers have developed a technically enhanced MEYLE-HD control arm designed to withstand heavy loads. 

Technically improved over the OE design, the parts is distinguished by the following features:

• Ball joint with long life ball pin designed to offer excellent load-carrying capacities: Larger ball pin diameter delivers increased surface area

• Complete set of mounting parts included

• 4-year guarantee for MEYLE-HD parts

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