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One kit, all parts. Time saved. Costs reduced.

Maximise driving comfort with MEYLE HD control arm kits for BMW and Mini


Worn suspension components affect driving comfort as well as their adjacent components‘ functional reliability. The result: Thumping suspension, impaired driving comfort and safety deficits. We recommend that worn control arms always be replaced in sets or pairs. And that adjacent components be replaced along with the control arms to remedy all problems at once and rule out time-consuming and costly subsequent repairs.

As of now, MEYLE offers full-service control arm kits in tried-and-tested HD quality, allowing for quick and long-lasting repairs to professional standards. With the new control arm kits – one for Mini and nine for BMW models – MEYLE keeps expanding its range of highquality spares designed to last. As an added extra, the Mini control arm kit comes with pre-assembled mounts.

Each repair kit contains a full set of spare parts including control arms, ball joints, stabiliser links, tie rods, control arm mounts and the requisite mounting materials and/ or screw sets. The ball and support joints have been technically enhanced over their OE equivalents and run on MEYLE high-performance grease.

1 MEYLE HD control arm to replace 3 OE versions!

Innovative and reinforced design for the new BMW 5, 6 and 7 series

When developing MEYLE HD spare parts our engineers have only one goal in mind: creating automotive parts which outshine the original in terms of durability and service life. With the new MEYLE HD control arm for the BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series we take service quality to yet a higher level. Thanks to the pioneering design our control arm is able to replace three different OE versions by one single component. No more need to stock triple inventories. No more faulty deliveries – no matter which application is to be replaced. This saves you precious time and money! Be a pioneer yourself and take your business to higher level, too!

The new MEYLE HD control arm offers a wide range of benefits:

• Ball joint (316 010 0014, Short no. MBJ0187) which can be replaced individually, only available from MEYLE in HD quality

• Ball joint with anti-corrosion finish and innovative socket made from highly wear-resistant plastic material

• Reinforced bushings (314 610 0008/HD, Short no. MCB0227HD)

• One control arm to replace its three OE equivalents: Clear marking of adjustment possibilities

One for all: One MEYLE HD control arm replaces three OE parts!

Innovative design engineered to last: the new MEYLE HD part for BMW X5 and X6 models from YOM 2007 onwards

Delivering solutions designed to outperform and outlast original parts is what drives our engineers when developing MEYLE HD parts. The new MEYLE HD control arm for BMW X5 and X6 models is a shining example of this commitment. Thanks to its versatile design, the control arm can be used for the replacement of three different OE parts thereby eliminating the need to stock triple inventories. No matter the design principle – the MEYLE HD control arm fits any application, thus saving you precious time and money!

Benefits of the new MEYLE HD control arm bushing:

• Separately available MEYLE HD ball joint (MEYLE no.: 316 010 0019/HD, Short no.: MBJ0438HD)

• Ball joint with anti-corrosion finish and innovative socket made from highly wear-resistant plastic material

• Reinforced and separately available bushings (MEYLE no.: 314 610 0017/HD, Short no.: MCB0452HD)

• 1 control arm catering for all 3 OE control arm versions; clear marking of the adjustment options

A genuine all-rounder: the new BMW repair kit with 3-in-1 control arm design.

To fit BMW X5 and X6 models from YOM 2007 onward

Swift and cost-effective repairs to professional standards: 

The new MEYLE HD kit for the BMW X5 and X6 front axle repair includes all the required control arm assemblies along with a full set of corrosion-resistant mounting parts. The repair kit also features the two adjustable MEYLE HD control arms (MEYLE no. 316 050 0034/HD, Short no.: MCA0461HD and 316 050 0033/HD, Short no.: MCA0460HD). The special feature: the ball joint can be adjusted to three different positions, which means that it can be used to replace three different original part versions. This keeps inventories lean and correct part identification simple. A solution designed to save time and cut costs.

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