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Ready-to-install repair solution for BMW rear control arms offers a perfect fit and comes with installation tool!

MEYLE HD slotted bushings in installation sleeve for the rear control arm of the BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series and X5 models, suitable for 1.4 million vehicles worldwide

Precompressed to size

  • MEYLE HD slotted bushings are already precompressed to size and, thanks to the MEYLE tool in the kit, can be seamlessly inserted and removed. The complete kit therefore ensures quick installation and removal in just a few steps.

More durable? Guaranteed!

  • MEYLE HD bushing with optimised shore hardness offers a longer service life than the OE part. Like all other MEYLE HD parts, this item comes with a 4-year guarantee.*

Intelligent savings

  • The option to replace the individual bushing rather than the entire control arm means considerable cost savings for the driver and workshop. That saves lots of money: on average, the MEYLE solution costs less than a tenth of the two OE control arms, which always have to be replaced entirely.**

Only by MEYLE: complete kit with tool

  • MEYLE is the only supplier in the aftermarket to also offer the corresponding installation tool. The tool was developed by MEYLE and is included in the kit. The bushing can also be ordered separately.

* For more information on the MEYLE guarantee policy visit www.meyle.com/guarantee-certificate

** Last updated: July 2018


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