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With suitable oil: MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps now available as MEYLE-KIT

Parking without power steering? Almost unimaginable. Hydraulic pumps support the steering system by converting the circular motion of the steering wheel into a linear motion of the wheel. In this way, they make the steering effort and thus driving much easier. MEYLE is expanding its MEYLE-KITS portfolio and offers another cost-saving solution for repair work in the workshop in line with the current value of the vehicle: In order to minimize sources of error during replacement and also to make everyday workshop work more efficient, the MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps are now available as a practical MEYLE-KIT containing the appropriate oil. 

With 10 references of the MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pump kit, the search for the right oil is almost over: Within the MEYLE-KIT, the pumps are supplied with the corresponding oil directly. Also, the return or pawn system is no longer necessary and brings many advantages: No cleaning and returning of the pump, as well as no need for a complicated billing system. Each MEYLE-KIT is also supplied with detailed instructions for the entire venting and flushing process. As always, the pumps are subjected to MEYLE engineers' technical quality inspection and are therefore 100% quality assured.


Because of their connection to the steering, hydraulic pumps are safety relevant parts. A malfunctioning function would endanger all vehicle occupants. In the event of a malfunction of the hydraulic pump, for example due to leaks or even contamination in the system, the hydraulic pumps should be replaced as quickly as possible. When replacing a hydraulic pump, the system must always be flushed, and the hydraulic fluid must therefore be renewed. 

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