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MEYLE – spare parts and smart repair kits for virtually every car

Many repairs and maintenance work performed on passenger cars, vans and trucks require all kinds of different parts such as screws, seals, supplies and consumables. None of these can be absent if the work is to be a success. Which is where the smart MEYLE-KITS come in. Developed from the mechanic’s perspective, they make day-to-day workshop activities as efficient as possible. Many MEYLE-KITS come with the right car spare parts included in a box, putting an end to the frustrating process of searching for or ordering the right attachment materials. And as using a MEYLE repair solution frees up not only the mechanics more quickly, but also the vehicle lifts, the customers can be delighted with the prompt service they receive.


MEYLE’s all-in-one kits comprise all the components needed for a specific installation and removal procedure. In the case of transmission oil changes, for example, the MEYLE kits for oil changes on automatic transmission vehicles feature the right oil for the vehicle in question as well as all the necessary seals, screws, filters, magnets and even the drain/intake plug.


Taking control arm repairs as an example, the convenient MEYLE HD control arm kit for models in the BMW X5 and X6 Series (produced from 2007) allows the repair work to start without the need for initial wheel alignment. It also replaces no less than three OE versions, while the continuously variable guiding suspension ball joint with clear position indication enables wheel camber correction. This eliminates initial wheel alignment – saving valuable work time.

MEYLE repair kits with the installation tools you need – everything in one box for straightforward installation

Some instances of car repairs or maintenance require not only the right spare parts, but also specific special tools that not even a well-equipped workshop will necessarily have. The MEYLE repair kits featuring the installation tools you need prevent you from having to delay repair work because a special tool is perhaps not available. In addition to all the components needed for a specific work procedure, they also include, for example, all the necessary special wrenches.


Good examples of MEYLE’s smart repair kits featuring the installation tools you need include the new MEYLE repair kits for rear-axle knuckles, ball joints and control arms – the perfect repair solutions. MEYLE offers kits for many standard vehicle applications. You can therefore see to repairs in next no time while also saving time and money and sparing your nerves.
It goes without saying that the spare parts in the MEYLE-KITS can also be ordered individually. Meaning MEYLE always has the right solution on hand, simplifying everyday operations in the workshop.

With suitable oil: MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps now available as MEYLE-KIT

Parking without power steering? Almost unimaginable. Hydraulic pumps support the steering system by converting the circular motion of the steering wheel into a linear motion of the wheel. In this way, they make the steering effort and thus driving much easier. MEYLE is expanding its MEYLE-KITS portfolio and offers another cost-saving solution for repair work in the workshop in line with the current value of the vehicle: In order to minimize sources of error during replacement and also to make everyday workshop work more efficient, the MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pumps are now available as a practical MEYLE-KIT containing the appropriate oil. 

With 10 references of the MEYLE ORIGINAL hydraulic pump kit, the search for the right oil is almost over: Within the MEYLE-KIT, the pumps are supplied with the corresponding oil directly. Also, the return or pawn system is no longer necessary and brings many advantages: No cleaning and returning of the pump, as well as no need for a complicated billing system. Each MEYLE-KIT is also supplied with detailed instructions for the entire venting and flushing process. As always, the pumps are subjected to MEYLE engineers' technical quality inspection and are therefore 100% quality assured.


Because of their connection to the steering, hydraulic pumps are safety relevant parts. A malfunctioning function would endanger all vehicle occupants. In the event of a malfunction of the hydraulic pump, for example due to leaks or even contamination in the system, the hydraulic pumps should be replaced as quickly as possible. When replacing a hydraulic pump, the system must always be flushed, and the hydraulic fluid must therefore be renewed. 


Video-Tutorial: Correct replacement of a hydraulic pump (power steering pump)

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