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MEYLE HD stabilizer links - simply last longer

Our engineers are passionate about improving our MEYLE HD stabilizer links constantly seeking new ways of refining all components. To make installation and removal procedures easier for our customers, more and more MEYLE HD stabilizer links are designed with a wrench attachment at the ball pin. A distinguishing advantage, in particular over those original designswhich lack this value-adding feature. Owing to the larger ball head the ball surface on MEYLE HD stabilizer links has been increased be 50%. This way we have managed to significantly improve the part‘s load carrying capacity along with its service life. The blue clipon plastic socket adds additional strength to the MEYLE HD part. 

The results of endurance tests performed at the Hamburg Helmut Schmidt University are an impressive proof of the quality of MEYLE HD stabilizer links: No evidence of joint play even after 1,000,000 test cycles!

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