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MEYLE ORIGINAL ball joint repair kit: All parts easily accessible, wear and tear reduced to a minimum.

to fit Peugeot 407, 508 | Citroën C5, C6

Corrosion and foreign particles between the axle stub and ball joint often lead to the premature failure of these ball joints. The rubber boot and sealing of the ball joint are literally ground down and moisture can then penetrate. That is why there is a protective ring between the kingpin and the rubber sleeve which is intended to reduce wear. It is essential to replace this protective ring every time the ball joint is replaced. Recommendation: for some older models there may be no protective ring. It is important to fit it in these vehicles, too. That can be done without any problem. The new MEYLE ORIGINAL ball joint kits contain all the parts required for a fast, professional repair. In addition to the mounting material, the protective ring is also included. To ensure a long life, MEYLE makes this ring of stainless steel and it is therefore highly corrosionresistant.

The following MEYLE ORIGINAL repair kits are now available:

• 11-16 010 0018/S, Short no. MCX0428 (set with no guiding joint )

• 11-16 010 0019, Short no. MCX0189 (set with guiding joint)

In addition, the ball joint only, without the installation material, is available for the a.m. vehicle models (MEYLE no. 11-16 010 0018, Short no. MBJ0038).

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