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MEYLE ORIGINAL crankshaft seals for VAG models

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Even the smallest parts can have a major impact on your car. Take for example crankshaft seals: They have to perform several critical tasks:

1. Provide reliable sealing at the engine crankshaft

2. Capture engine speed and crankshaft position

3. Determine both injection and ignition point controlled by the engine timing unit

Early part wear will result in engine start issues, oil loss and odour emissions. Available now, MEYLE offers 16 crankshaft seal rings designed to OE specifications for professional repair. Manufactured from predominately high quality plastics, the parts are field-proven and distinguished by the excellent wear resistance of the PTFE seal lip.

Key specifications of MEYLE ORIGINAL crankshaft seals at a glance:

• Ready-to-fit design – including dynamic and static sealing and mechanical and magnetic trigger wheel

• Extremely wear resistant thanks to low-friction PTFE seal lip

• Dimensionally stable and lightweight design thanks to the use of a premium-grade plastic base material

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