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Create noticeable added value for workshop customers with new MEYLE ORIGINAL engine mounts.

Controlled material quality ensures a long lifetime for the safety relevant parts.

Sometimes, engine mounts can fail early because of large variations between the ambient and operating temperatures, vibrations or load on the motor. This results in unstable driving behaviour and disturbing noises. Defective engine mounts are therefore not just a danger to safety, they also influence driving comfort significantly and should therefore be changed.

MEYLE has a comprehensive range of full-rubber, hydraulic and electric or pneumatic switchable engine mounts. In order to ensure a long lifetime for MEYLE ORIGINAL engine mounts despite the large static, dynamic and thermal loads, we have ensured that we use excellent quality materials for the parts. The materials used are selected specifically for the vehicle and are subject to strict quality control from development to the finished product.

All MEYLE ORIGINAL engine mount specifications at a glance:

• Comprehensive range of MEYLE ORIGINAL engine mounts for more than 172 million vehicles in Europe

• Largely Made in Europe

• Excellent quality proven in test runs

• Superb damping and insulation capability

• Strict quality assurance in material characteristics as well as during the entire development and production process

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