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... and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts ... for a very long time!

MEYLE presents together with BOGE Elastmetall GmbH the MEYLE-HD flex disc that has it all: extraordinarily strong thread stability for a superior breaking load, reduction of inner friction, innovative winding technology and above-average push and pull characteristics. And that’s why we give a four-year guarantee!*

* For more information on the MEYLE guarantee policy visit www.meyle.com/guarantee-certificate

Reliable performance partner: Flex disc in MEYLE-HD quality!

22 new references for the MEYLE-HD flex disc used in more than 19 million vehicles worldwide

A defective flex disc can pose a high safety risk and, in extreme cases, cause the flex disc to break off – with farreaching consequences for the vehicle and driver. MEYLE is presenting new references for the flex disc in MEYLE-HD quality, resulting from a collaboration with BOGE Elastmetall GmbH, a leading manufacturer of automotive vibration technology. Through the collaboration of the two manufacturers, the flex disc is now available in the aftermarket as a ready-to-install MEYLE smart repair kit.

The MEYLE-HD flex disc represents another repair solution for workshops and customers, enabling affordable replacement of defective cardan shaft components. Targeted replacement of defective components can save workshops and drivers lots of time and money.


An overview of specifications:

  • For the most demanding conditions: The rubber blend is resistant to temperatures of up to 130 °C.
  • Added comfort: Strong performance thanks to a reduction in peak torques, damping and insulation of wave acoustics during load change reactions.
  • Longer service life: Reduced inner friction thanks to innovative winding technology and above-average push and pull characteristics.
  • Impressive materials: Outstanding thread stability for a superior breaking load. Full-surface, comprehensive loop sets inside ensure high strength.
  • Smart repair: MEYLE-HD flex disc including installation materials as a ready-to-install kit.

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