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MEYLE ORIGINAL shock absorbers

100% precision fit from the suspension components specialist.

Shock absorbers are key to a vehicle’s comfort and safety. They reduce the braking distance, improve traction and stability, and assist safety systems such as ABS, TCS and ESP. In its usual uncompromising quality, MEYLE offers more than 760 precision-fit, 100% OE-compliant shock absorbers for around 70% of the European fleet of 255 million vehicle models.


Tested quality down to the last detail

MEYLE ORIGINAL shock absorbers are always the ‘driver’s best friend’: developed and tested in Germany in line with the testing requirements of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and our own uncompromising MEYLE standards, they stand for exact accuracy of fit, smooth installation and a long service life.


Fast and reliable parts identification

Thanks to MEYLE’s unique data management system, you can find the MEYLE ORIGINAL shock absorber you need quickly and without any mix-ups. In addition, the practical consolidation of multiple OE numbers that are essentially identical under a single MEYLE number optimises the workshops’ and wholesalers’ inventories without limiting what they offer.

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MEYLE shock absorbers: a MEYLE ORIGINAL!

We know what you need: MEYLE shock absorbers are developed and tested in Germany in accordance with the test specifications of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). 100% performance and leakage testing during production guarantees top quality standards.

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This is what MEYLE shock absorbers stand for!

  • Uncompromisingly long-lasting, 100% tested MEYLE quality 
  • True to OE
  • Developed in Germany
  • Constructed in accordance with the test specifications of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
  • Robust corrosion protection coating of the piston rod
  • Available for around 70% of the European fleet of 255 million vehicles – with the number continuing to rise
  • Airfreight shipping possible without any restrictions – not classified as dangerous goods

Your benefits with regular shock absorber replacement

Optimised cornering behaviour

Improved braking behaviour

More comfort

MEYLE stands for high-precision application data – as confirmed by TecAlliance’s Premier Data Supplier certificate!

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A perfect match: our ORIGINAL dust protector kits offer optimum protection

To perfectly complement the shock absorbers, MEYLE offers more than 240 corresponding shock absorber dust protector kits consisting of two rubber buffers and dust protector caps. These afford reliable protection and are ready to use right away!

MEYLE dust protector kits ...
•    reliably and lastingly protect the piston rod, seals and valves from dust, dirt, de-icing salt and stone impacts
•    extend the shock absorbers’ service life
•    are available for virtually every MEYLE ORIGINAL shock absorber 
•    consist of two rubber buffers and dust protector caps per shock absorber  
•    feature UV-resistant dust protector caps made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
•    are always a precision fit, for simple installation

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MEYLE offers expert knowledge on:

•    Technical training
•    Principles of vibration technology
•    Types of shock absorbers and struts
•    Causes and effects of defective damping components
•    Development of engine and transmission mounts
•    New technologies and their requirements
•    Identifying and analysing damage profiles

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Shock absorbers in cars: Expertise in all aspects of the vibration damper

Shock absorbers, also known as vibration dampers, are essential components of a motor vehicle that contribute significantly to safety and ride comfort. They are responsible for softening the vibrations and oscillations caused by bumps in the road or high speeds. Despite their name, shock absorbers not only absorb shocks, but also reduce and slow down the vibrations of the vehicle's suspension, which enables stable and safe driving behaviour.

What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber set, i.e. the front and rear shock absorbers, together with the springs, form the connecting links between the wheel suspension and the body. However, shock absorbers should actually be called vibration dampers, as they dampen the vibrations of a vehicle's suspension and thus ensure stability and ride comfort. This works as follows: When travelling on an uneven road, the steel springs on the wheels compensate for potholes or edges, for example, and start to vibrate as they spring back. It is now the task of the shock absorbers to dampen these vibrations of the suspension springs - and thus of the body - and to minimise the body movements of the vehicle. Without this damping, the chassis would continue to oscillate for seconds, significantly reducing driving stability.

The function of the shock absorber

The primary task of the shock absorber is to contain the vibrations caused by the movement of the vehicle. A vehicle's suspension absorbs bumps in the road, causing vibrations that can rock the vehicle. Without shock absorbers, the vehicle would dip and bounce after every bump, resulting in an unsafe and uncomfortable ride. Shock absorbers basically work as energy converters. They convert the kinetic energy of the spring into heat through fluid friction. This conversion takes place when the damper piston is moved up and down in a cylinder filled with oil. The movement of the damper piston is slowed down by valve passages to such an extent that the spring oscillation is directly reduced.

Why are shock absorbers relevant to safety?

A car without functioning shock absorbers is practically undriveable. A single defective shock absorber can destabilise the chassis and make the vehicle uncontrollable in extreme situations. It is therefore important to check the shock absorbers regularly and replace them if necessary to ensure the safety of the vehicle. Shock absorbers are safety-relevant components because, together with the tyres, they ensure contact with the road. Defective shock absorbers impair driving stability and reduce the grip of the tyres. In addition, safety-relevant assistance systems such as ABS, ASR and ESP can only function successfully if the shock absorbers are working properly. Replacing shock absorbers is therefore urgently required in the event of a defect in order to ensure driving safety. Especially as individual shock absorbers or a complete shock absorber set can be fitted relatively quickly in specialist workshops. MEYLE shock absorbers are an ideal solution for cars - a perfect fit, durable and in 100% OE-compliant quality for around 70 per cent of the European car fleet with 255 million vehicle models.

Note: Shock absorbers play a decisive role in the safety and driving comfort of a vehicle. It is therefore essential to check them regularly and replace them if necessary. A defective shock absorber can significantly impair driving behaviour and increase the risk of an accident. It is therefore important to visit a specialist workshop immediately if you suspect a defective shock absorber.

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