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MEYLE shock absorbers for safe and continuous driving pleasure

We supply more than 650 parts to cater for over 214 million vehicles in Europe

Shock absorbers have a lot to cope with: potholes, bumpy roads, heavy loads or towing, not to mention environmental factors including dirt, humidity or road salt – all of which combine to accelerate shock absorber wear and tear. Therefore, the part's impact on the overall car system is dramatic. Only when shock absorbers are functioning properly are they able to reduce braking distances, ensure excellent roadholding when cornering and troublefree operation of state-of-the-art driver assistance systems such as ABS, ESP or TCS.

MEYLE supplies a comprehensive range of MEYLE-ORIGINAL shock absorbers engineered to resist early part wear: an electro-mechanical coating process ensures reliable protection against abrasives. Salt spray tests have shown that the MEYLE piston rod is by far the least vulnerable to corrosion among all seven competitor products tested.

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